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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wynd™?

wynd is an online software platform, specifically a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, that allows you to rapidly deploy a variety of content assets which can integrate with your existing marketing efforts and enterprise applications. More than a robust media repository, wynd delivers measurable ROI, advanced reporting, and the capabilities you need to meet your business objectives.

Can I migrate my existing site to wynd?

Of course! However some assets such as videos and webinars may need original source files or embed codes to transfer without quality loss. Let us take a look at your current site or content and we'll see what we can do.

Can you assist me with creating content?

Yes we can! wynd's award winning team can produce videos, creative collateral, and interactive campaigns to make your brand shine and your community flourish. Let us know your vision and we will create something great together.

Do you provide community management?

Yes. Exceptional community management is a pillar of all successful online communities. This includes content curation, user and exhibitor management, comment moderation, technical support, and ongoing marketing efforts. Your community is an active resource for relevant information. Without proper care, your community can become obsolete and your content dated, leading to a diminishing audience and reflecting poorly on your brand.

What is the deal with hosting?

wynd is a proprietary licensed platform and must be hosted on a wynd server. This ensures that we can monitor, maintain, update, and upgrade the application as needed.

What is a wynd community?

wynd communities are unified digital ecosystems for content marketing. Visitors to wynd communities can expect a modern, user friendly experience that allows them to consume various digital media including videos, webinars, product profiles, media, and more. wynd can help you attract a larger audience through the management and publication of all your digital marketing assets and campaigns.

Can I feature my existing content on wynd?

In most cases, yes. Licensed content and digital assets that do not allow seamless embedding experiences may need to be recreated.

Is there a limit to the content I can add?

Included in every wynd community is a data plan to manage the content that you wish to feature on your site. This varies per project and can be customized for each community.

Are there monthly fees associated with wynd?

Depending on the wynd deployment you may have several licensing options available. wynd can be licensed for an annual fee that is paid all at once or in monthly installments. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use my own branding for my wynd site?

Absolutely! wynd can be fully customized and even white labeled on the front end. wynd's template library contains a variety and architecture options that can be included with your branding for no additional charge during community development. Completely custom designs can be developed as well for an additional fee.



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